Social Impact.

Defining Social Impact is not easy. We see its essence as a sustainable & equitable global system that brings positive, empowering and meaningful opportunities to individuals and communities. 

The building blocks

Our guiding principles translate into action.



To effect change, we need not to tell people what to do. We must listen, learn and understand an individuals perspective. We offer them thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, but don't expect them to agree or do what we suggest. They are their own agents of change.  



The environment is not the only place for sustainability. Positive behavioural change and knowledge brings sustainability. Enabling this, our programmes deliver sustainable outcomes across the development sector.   



Measurable and reportable outcomes are vitally important to ensure that we are accountable across all of our activities. Our programmes are designed to provide materiality and sustainable context, legitimately and without bias.  

In support of the United Nations Global Goals 2030

Our mission aligns the Global Goals to your company.


Providing benchmarks for global metrics

We provide opportunity for reportable outcomes with clear and tangible impact.

Stakeholder inclusiveness

Sustainability context



Employee satisfaction

Retention & turnover rates

Learning & Development

The evidence is clear

Sustainable business practices lead the global economy

ESG Investment

Over 30 trillion dollars were invested in ESG in 2018 alone. That's a 19 trillion dollar increase from 2012!   

Consumer Led

 Consumers expect companies to be global leaders in sustainability and social justice. 


 A company's sustainability is now inextricably linked to performance and growth.  

Doing good

 We all share this planet. We know it makes sense to do good by it, for all that live here.   

Bringing Social Impact into focus

Project DevLink

Project DevLink is a scalable and affordable business initiative that offers sustainable and measurable outcomes across the UNs Global Goals 2030. Social Impact that aligns with employee engagement, Learning & Development and CSR strategies. 


Project DevLive

Project DevLive partners your company with the small development charities of India and Nepal. Bring your company's skills, knowledge and expertise to the forefront of international development and directly impact on some of the world's marginialised communities. 


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