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Today many online services have a membership or paid subscription-based model. News Portals often use them to subsidise their profits, making up for loss of revenue from decreasing physical paper sales. Recruitment sites use membership as a way of tailoring a member's job search requirements using filters. All websites that ask you to register use the information provided for marketing purposes, which depending on the content the member may or may not find of interest. But the best companies don't just use their membership base to sell… they use it to inform. 

The number of available paid subscription-based products and services is huge. I can list at least 6 monthly subscriptions I personally pay for and they range across my personal and business interests. I get regular updates, amazing content and the ability to access offers and products that aren't available to non-members. My subscriptions bring exciting ideas and innovations to me, and as much as I enjoy surfing the net, a certain amount of tailored content delivered to me is appreciated.

Why does CDV Global have a membership requirement?

A quick explanation of our membership: it's a one-time subscription payment (of £35.00), and it's fully refundable when you sign up for your first volunteering experience with us.

Back to why… There are five key reasons why we have membership:

1. It allows us to tailor your requirements as a potential volunteer. We invest in your journey from the very beginning by providing a personalised approach to matching you with the charity that has the best fit. We take the time to learn about your professional experiences, understand your goals and passions for volunteering.

2. It allows us to offer direct communication between volunteer and NGOs. We feel talking directly with our teams overseas is an important part of your volunteering experience, even before you have decided to go. We can't offer this opportunity to everyone, so it is an exclusive benefit of membership.

3. Having a membership base enables us to directly reach out to our charity partners and offer them a wider pool of skills and knowledge, creating new opportunities that they may not have considered.

4. Through our monthly updates, our members get the opportunity to learn first-hand about our latest volunteering opportunities before the general public and receive informative articles from the CDV Team and related industry experts.

5. We endeavour to ensure that our charities have access to the best possible volunteers, ones with the right skills and calibre that will have a permanent impact on their work. Being a member endorses your commitment to volunteering with our partner charities.

And as I mentioned, our membership is refundable on your acceptance of your first volunteering position. We are happy to repay your generosity and trust in our processes and feel that it's only fair to do so.

Our intention is to build a community, share skills, knowledge and expertise and we believe that our members play a huge part in that process.

You can always give us a call, talk to one of our team and discover more about what we do. We'd love to hear from you! 

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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