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Grama Institute for the Poor is a wonderful community development organisation in rural Karnataka State, India. Their main goals are poverty alleviation, sustainable development and economic, social and political participation, with specific focus on the empowerment and social inclusion of women and young girls in the region. Sadly these women often find themselves and their families marginalised for a number of cultural and social reasons, leading to cyclical poverty, social and health issues, which Grama are keen to address at the root cause.

Grama have a number of financial inclusion, natural resource management and micro-financing programmes and specialise in assisting the women of the region to establish further sources of income for their communities and families via education, self-help groups and training opportunities towards small rural enterprises. So far they have supported 37,000 women and helped form 2500 self-help groups where the ladies receive support and training, for example, on the production, marketing and sales of items like ready-made garments, fashion fabrics, food items and handicrafts, amongst other trades.

Based in the Karnataka region of Southern India, it's fair to say we've loved working with Grama so far as we have worked with them on an intensive training needs analysis to identify the real needs in the organisation to help them grow and reach out to new communities.

We currently have two training opportunities available with Grama; Marketing & Communications and
Rural Enterprise Development. If you have experience in either area and are interested in sharing your skills with this amazing organisation, please get in touch.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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