How S.M.A.R.T. is your CSR?


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) set out the need for companies to become active in changing their approach to social responsibility outside of the company, stressing the importance of having a cohesive and legitimate CSR programme at the heart of their business. But how Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely is your programme? CDV Global will help you take important steps to create a CSR programme that benefits both the company and communities on a global scale. 

S: Make your CSR SPECIFIC - Speaking on Sustainable Development Innovation the UN describes how: 'there is increasing recognition among companies that a 'one-size fits all' approach to CSR in operations around the world is ineffective in responding to the business drivers of socially responsible behaviour.'

Clearly, there is a need for more specialised programmes. Adding volunteering to your CSR ensures that your company partners with a grassroots charity that is seeking specialised training. We recognise that relevant and skilled volunteering is essential in order for our partner charities to get the very best training to develop their communities. For example, Youth Forum for Human Rights in Nepal are currently looking to add to their experience in web development, so are seeking a web designer with experience in content creation. CDV Global can help your company attain specific and customised CSR.

M: MEASURE your CSRBeing able to measure your CSR enables your company to report on how it is contributing to social development.

The Global Reporting Initiative sets the standard for corporate consistency through Sustainability Reporting. By keeping their CSR accountable, companies can 'measure, understand and communicate their economic, environmental, social and governance performance, and then set goals and manage change more effectively.'

Our programme creates Measurable Impacts that demonstrate efficiency and transparency to all stakeholders.

Ultimately, volunteering is key in legitimate sustainability reporting. Discussing Volunteerism and the Global Goals, the UN highlights that volunteerism not only brings hands on experience to individuals involved, but brings forward many benefits to the communities that need it. In turn 'Social cohesion and trust is strengthened through individual and collective volunteer action, leading to sustainable outcomes for people, by people.'

A: ACHEIVE impactful CSRAwards and accreditations form a large part of a company's success story. Yet achieving impactful CSR that not only meets the aims of the SDG's, but benefits the company, employees and the organisations themselves, will prove your company to be successful beyond its industry.

Let your CSR speak for itself through achieving High Impact volunteerism. High Impact volunteerism enables employees to broaden their experience as a professional and simultaneously builds confidence through opportunities to lead specialised training in Nepal or India. In turn Sustainable Volunteering ensures that your company benefits through developing well rounded team leaders, who not only generate positive results and represent your company's best interests, but advocate for volunteerism as the vehicle for lasting global impact.

Your company can become recognised as Globally Skilled, Locally Rooted through our customisable programme, which enables sustainability reporting and forms a direct link between your company and the vital work being carried out. This benefits the company directly, providing evidence of having achieved legitimate CSR. 

R: Create REALISTIC CSR With social and environmental impact legislation and reporting requirements differing wildly from country to country, many companies struggle to understand which Social Responsibility activities actually do make a realistic impact in their organisation and the wider community. Our volunteer programme offers a Realistic approach to CSR.

Our Approach

Without seeking to impose on or change the charitable organisations we work with, we get to know local needs by partnering with charities for a minimum of two years. By predominantly partnering with remote, rural communities we recognise the limits of location, thus providing training that has a realistic organisational impact. 

Our International Corporate Volunteering programme

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CDV Global partner our clients with relevant charities, with both organisations involved in the process at all times. Company volunteers comprise of experienced company leaders, managers and future leaders. Members will be assigned a personal consultant and have online meetings with leadership staff of the partnered overseas NGO.

Our Opportunities cover a variety of charities that are seeking development in anything from Social work to Nursing to Digital Marketing.

T: TIME to make an impact

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