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Could you bring business skills to a remote region of Nepal? Enhancing the opportunities of small businesses and individuals will have a real impact on community wealth. 


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Organisation Overview

Society Development Centre (SODEC) are a social welfare organisation based in the remote area of Eastern Nepal. They are committed to the socio-economic empowerment of the poor and excluded communities of the region, many of which were badly affected by the April 2015 earthquake which killed nearly 9000 people, devastating already deprived areas.

They have a multifaceted focus taking in areas like infrastructure, sanitation, education and social empowerment in the region. But health and welfare is key to their work if the local communities are to realise their sustainable economic potential and as such is the focus of this training opportunity.

Why do they need this training?

SODEC are looking for an experienced professional to support them in understanding and developing the concepts and knowledge behind community level entrepreneurship.

This talented individual will be able to offer experience on the various concepts behind setting up small businesses, its admin (business plans, marketing plans, financial plans) and community mobilisation

Who would fit this role?

Ideally our volunteer would be an entrepreneur themselves or someone experienced in training business related skills, analysis or working in a start-up advisory capacity.

A professional with a high level of knowledge in project management, business administration and business analysis, preferably with finance, marketing or communication experience would be ideal.

This opportunity is open to pairs & couples

SODEC are happy to accommodate two people and are open to two volunteers delivering the training.

Their location:

Local points of interest:

Makalu Barun National Park - 2 hours by bus

Khumjung Monastery - 4 Hour bus journey

Sagarmatha Ntional Park - 4.5 hours by bus

Example training outline