Rural Enterprise Development

Do you have a design background? We need someone to devise packaging solutions for local women's groups products so they can market more efficiently.


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Organisation Overview

Grama is a small sustainable community development organization in rural India. Their prime objective is to enable women to come together via self-help groups to develop small enterprises, community co-operatives and other sources of income with the aim of increasing education, empowering local women’s groups and decreasing gender inequality.

Over 37,000 women have been involved in some 2500 self-help groups and co-operatives in recent years, being trained in areas like the production of ready-made garments, fashion fabrics, handicrafts, food production and other skills related to local sustainable products.


Why do they need this training?

Grama recognise that there is an opportunity to positively impact both their own knowledge and the efficiency of the training they themselves provide. In understanding the basic methodology of developing a product for market, they could massively improve the effectiveness of their social enterprise programmes.

Who would fit this role?

The ideal volunteer would be someone with a background in product development, good knowledge of the end to end process and preferably with experience of small enterprises and entrepreneurship.

Grama are looking for a positive communicator to train them in the core methodology of product development and the confidence to work directly with them and the local communities.

Open to couples and pairs.

Grama welcomes the opportunity for pairs and couples to help train their staff.

Their location:

Local points of interest:

Locality is an ancient fort city.

Bangalore - 3 hours by bus

Hampi Temple City - 4 Hour bus journey

Example training outline